Dedicated to providing a broad range of legal services to our clients through quality counsel and zealous advocacy.


Resolving a claim after an injury can be challenging and time consuming. It is essential that steps be taken quickly to investigate facts and evaluate injuries. At Stiles & Lehr, we provide skilled, vigorous representation for all personal injury claims, including motor vehicle accidents and other injuries. 


A work-related injury can have a significant impact on you and your family. Injured
workers often face the risk of losing their source of income along with the stress of filing paperwork and meeting fast-approaching deadlines. Stiles & Lehr is dedicated to representing workers with their L&I or self-insured claims. Our attorneys and staff have decades of experience with both simple and complex worker’s compensation matters.  


Asset preservation and long-term care are important concerns to our clients. The attorneys at Stiles & Lehr have extensive experience assisting individuals and families with creating an estate plan to meet every client’s unique needs and wishes. Common estate planning tools that we offer at Stiles & Lehr include, Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, Community Property Agreement and Transfer on Death Deeds.



When a loved one or family member passes away, probate is the legal process used to collect assets, pay debts and otherwise settle a person’s estate. At Stiles & Lehr, we assist personal representatives (also known as executors or executrix), heirs and beneficiaries with the probate process. We can help to determine if probate is
necessary or whether an estate can be settled outside of court approval. We also represent heirs and beneficiaries with their interests in an estate or issues that may arise during estate administration. Our goal is to help relieve stress in an already difficult time.


At Stiles & Lehr, we are experienced in many aspects of real estate law, including Purchase and Sale Agreements, real estate transfers and deeds, easements, licenses and boundary line issues. We also represent landlords with lease issues and evictions.